Mission Statement

CDA Systems is committed to providing world class solutions and systems that meet and exceed customer expectations for ultra-high purity air and gas delivery with the highest level of technical support and on-site service. We have established a culture that supports our team members, so they can provide exceptional service to our customers. CDA Systems specializes in servicing the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, solar industries, automotive, and petrochemical.

About CDA Systems

At CDA Systems, integrity and follow-through with our clients is of paramount importance. CDA System’s team expertise for over the past twenty years is in Compressed Air Purification and Process Design with a complete knowledge of how a compressor and dryer system should be designed, implemented and maintained. CDA System’s Service-First Approach is on the customer’s operational cost, specification requirement and client up-time. CDA’s Team goal is to continue to work closely with Facility Managers and Maintenance Teams to design systems that incorporate energy savings and utilize PLC automation to help with ease of operation in major plant application. We can provide you with temporary equipment needed during installation or emergencies.

CDA Systems has designed systems for many major production facilities in the Western United States, including:

  • Conoco Phillips
  • Micron
  • BP
  • Valero
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Intel
  • Seagate
  • Hitachi
  • Western Digital
  • Caterpillar

We are proud of a great team and represent excellent product lines that allow us to do what we do best; provide unmatched product and service in the industry.

CDA Systems is an Authorized Sales and Service Center for Pneumatic Products (PPC) for Northern and Southern California; Hankinson and Kobelco KNW Series, and FS Elliott Oil Free Compressors for Northern California. We also represent Donaldson Filters, Sage Metering and Processing Monitoring Systems.

“Honing my technical skills in the Compressed Air and Dryer Industry has been my goal since 1991. I came to California after leaving the US Coast Guard where I served as a Machinery Technician and Team Leader for a Maintenance Augmentation Group out of Boston, MA. I earned my stripes through repairing and running diesel engines, generators, pumps or anything that made a ship run.”
— Joe Minichiello CEO


CDA Systems has bent over backwards on numerous occasions to ensure that I am happy and that everything has been taken care of. They respond quickly to my emails or phone calls and always have an answer for me. It is a pleasure working with the people of CDA Systems, they are knowledgeable and always care about how things are going. I have CDA Systems involved in a large project here at Genentech and they came through for us with several rental compressors and dryers when another company dropped the ball on us. Thanks to Joe and CDA this project will move forward!!!
— Gunther Garzaro, UGL/Genetech
Your technician went ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty and I just want you all to know at CDA, you have a great worker in that gentleman!!
— Biotech Facility Manager
Joe was recommended and it just happened that a President of a major manufacturer was with Joe today. They stopped by and perused our situation. Therefore we will look towards CDA Systems to perform our CDA support and projects. Several items were discussed including some of the installation errors and set-up parameters for the compressor. This was a refreshing meeting for me.
— Silicon Valley Manufacturing Manager