Industrial Air Compressor Manufacturers

At CDA Systems, integrity and follow-through with our clients is of paramount importance.

At CDA Systems, integrity and follow-through with our clients is of paramount importance. CDA System’s team expertise for over the past twenty years is in Compressed Air and Dryer Service, Compressed Air Purification, Air Dryers, Clean Dry Air and Process Design.

Our team has a complete knowledge of how a compressor and dryer system should be designed, implemented and maintained. CDA System’s Service-First Approach is on the customer’s operational cost, specification requirement and client up-time.  We are members of ISN, Avetta (PICS), GRS, and place the highest priority on safe working practices and IIPP compliance.


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CDA’s Team goal is to continue to work closely with Facility Managers and Maintenance Teams to design systems that incorporate energy savings and utilize PLC automation to help with ease of operation in major plant application. We can provide you with temporary equipment needed during installation or emergencies. We are proud to represent such high quality manufacturers as PPC, Hankinson, Kobelco, FS Elliott, Donaldson Filters among several other manufacturers.

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I have been proud to know Joe for nearly 10 years. I met him when he held another position and most recently in his role as President of CDA Systems. President is a bit limiting of a title for Joe as I know he will do any job that positively serves his customer base. It is not unusual for him to take up a wrench and repair a piece of equipment when on a sales call. There is no job too small or unimportant for him. He puts the highest level of energy and determination into all his work. One of the first attributes I recognized in Joe was his deep industry and product knowledge but more importantly his deep concern for his customers.
In my role as a liaison between a major manufacturer of dehydration and filtration equipment and distributor networks I can honestly say that I have never seen a more dedicated and indefatigable champion of customer service. It is not uncommon to receive a 4:00AM email from him updating me about a job or asking for factory support. Joe’s energy is infectious and permeates CDA’s every department. Every associate strives for excellence and does whatever it takes to make CDA the best in class.” Regards, Andy
— Andrew Brinka Regional Sales Manager SPX Flow Technology